ANTI LAB LAUNCH — Thursday, April 6; 6-10 p.m.

Come check out the space, silkscreen a shirt, make a zine, read a book, print a poster, sew a banner, have a drink — dance! Female vinyl club B-side Brujas will be spinning, Oakland artist Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo will be screenprinting her “Take care of…” design, plus we’ll have Anti Lab shirts, totes, and calendars. Bring a garment or patch if you’d like a custom screen-print.

(Enter through the gateway on 23rd Street.)

RESISTANCE BINGO — Friday, April 7; 5-8 p.m.

During April First Friday, Bay Rising will be at Anti Lab sharing Resistance Bingo! The project is a collaboration between the Center for Story-based Strategy, Bay Rising, and Design Action Collective that playfully motivates people to stay engaged with resistance efforts. Anti Lab will be open 5-9PM. Come by to pick up some bingo cards (in many different languages), start a game, and learn about Bay Rising.


Bay Rising is a regional alliance of community-led organizations working to address the crisis of inequality by strengthening the voice and the impact of low-income communities and communities of color in the civic and public policy arenas throughout the Bay Area and statewide.


The Center for Story-Based Strategy (CSS) is a national movement-building organization dedicated to harnessing the power of narrative for social change.  


Design Action Collective began in 2002 as an independent design and communications spin-off of Inkworks Press Collective. By providing high-quality professional graphic design and web development services, they aim to help build and strengthen progressive movements fighting for economic and social justice.


WE NEED EACH OTHER: A Simple Sock Reminder — Saturday, April 8; Noon-3 p.m.

To create change, it’s essential that we all work together. As a reminder of the importance of coalitions, Oakland artist Carissa Potter will be screen-printing a short poem across a pair of socks: “We need each other.” Come by while she’s at Anti Lab to pick up a free pair for yourself. Make sure not to lose one.


Carissa Potter’s prints and small-scale objects reflect her hopeless romanticism through their investigations into public and private intimacy. Carissa Potter is a founding member of Colpa Press and founder of People I’ve Loved. Since 2010, she has been an artist in residence at Kala Art Institute in Berkeley, where she teaches letter­press. She also serves as a mentor in Southern Exposure’s One-on-One Mentorship Program. She finished her first book with Chronicle books in 2015 titled "I like you, I love you." Currently she is working on being a better listener and her second book, titled "You Will Feel Better."


CYBER FEMME4FEMME — Saturday, April 8; 4-6 p.m.

A workshop on basic cybersecurity and why it’s important. Learn how to hide your online activity from advertisers and the government, best practices for securing your online accounts, and encrypting your communications via email and text. Tactics will be applicable to both computers and smartphones. Bring your devices!


THIS EVENT IS SCENT-FREE/LOW-SCENT. Go here, to find out how to comply.



This session, taught by Elle Armageddon, will be an introductory overview of what being a street medic is and entails, including an introduction to police repression tactics, precautionary measures, packing a first aid kit, and the ethics of being a medic. This session is very important for those who have never attended a medic training, and is recommended prior to attending the upcoming 9-hour medic workshop. *THIS WORKSHOP IS INTENDED TO PROVIDE SKILLS AND INFORMATION, NOT CERTIFICATIONS.*

Please note that this workshop is free, and open to people of all experience levels. We will be focusing on beginner-level skills, so those with more experience may not get as much out of this workshop as those with little to no experience. A hat will be passed at the end of this session so that those wanting to compensate the trainer for her time, expertise, and materials may do so. For more details, and to sign up, go here.

Elle Armageddon is a Bay Area-born anarchist, activist, and writer. She has several years of experience as a street medic, and enjoys providing care and support to the community around her. When she isn't in the streets, Elle frequently writes security resources for activists, many of which can be found here.

WOMANIST FILM NIGHT — Thursday, April 13; 6-9 p.m.

Join us for a riveting night of film and discussion as we explore a curated selection of Cecille Emeke's Strolling series, which explores diasporic antiblackness, misogynoir, colonial legacies, sexual violence, self care, and pop culture through beautifully shot interviews with black folks in Paris, Amsterdam, Italy, Jamaica, New York City, and Belgium.

Alexsarah "Golden" Collier is a multidisciplinary artist, musician, maker, and writer with over a decade of experience teaching diverse learners of all ages in Brooklyn, Atlanta, Oakland, and San Francisco. In addition to teaching, Golden is also Executive Director of Double Union SF, one of the nation's largest and most dynamic feminist maker spaces, is a teaching member of Girl Army self defense collective, and founder of Womanist Trilliance, a local media based activism project.

TENDER BUTTONS — Saturday, April 15; 11-2 p.m.

An opportunity to make your own pins or add to Anti Lab’s pin library! Hannah Rubin will be doing a pin-making residency throughout the duration of Anti Lab. Using books and resources from the Anti Lab library, they will create a collection of resistance buttons with quotes, words, and feelings from the texts. At this event they will be available to help others make their own pins and welcome you to join them in their own pin-making project.

Hannah Rubin is a local poet and artist. They recently curated “Deluge of the Real,” an Adam Curtis film festival at local DIY venue The Hole. They also run Poetry in the Dark, a poetry reading series at Less Space Gallery.


T’s INTO PANTIES — Saturday, April 15; 1-4 p.m.

Bring some old t-shirts to cut up and turn into undies! Kristi Holohan of Rock Paper Scissors Collective will teach a group to make their own "tighty-whitey" undies. There will be sewing involved, but no experience is required (although it is helpful). Sewing machines will be provided.

“Let's make our own things out of what we already have and disregard the existing form of consumerism that degrades our environment and causes so much waste," says Holohan. "’cause we can put other things on our waists!”

Because sewing machines are required, this event is capped at 10 participants. RSVP here: TICKETS


Kristi Holohan is an Oakland artist, educator, and clothing designer. She is a core member of the Rock Paper Scissors Collective.

MORE LIFE — Tuesday, April 18; 6 p.m.

hannah arendt thought fascist politics' power was in its ability to distort reality until ideology eclipses the reality of people's humanities. if this is so, then maybe the best thing we can do to fight fascism is to hold each other in community, to keep one another's humanities within sight. "More Life" presents writers who ask how we can create and sustain the bonds of community.


Curated and hosted by Ismail Muhammad, featuring Jane Gregory, Claire Stringer, Adam Ahmed, Ryanaustin Dennis, and Sophia Kim.


CALL TOGETHER — Thursday, April 20; 10 a.m.

Ever wanted to call your senators or congressional reps but are too nervous? "Call Together" is a morning event where we meet for coffee, discuss weekly and timely political issues, and call our national and local reps.  Cereal Killer Granola will be donating delicious Oakland-made granola for the event and we’ll have all kinds of dairy and non-dairy options for pairing.


Caroline Sinders is a machine learning artist and researcher. She's a currently a researcher for Wikimedia, and a BuzzFeed Eyebeam Open Lab Fellow, where she's studying the alt-right, social media, and harassment. She hosts Call Together every Thursday morning.

ICE AND BORDER PATROL: KNOW YOUR RIGHTS — Thursday, April 20; 6 p.m.

Nikki Taylor will be presenting information from a recent immigrant rights training at UC Hastings. She will discuss political strategies for defending immigrants and others targeted by the right-wing. This presentation is meant to empower immigrant communities and educate allies through a better understanding of rights and laws pertaining to immigration. It will also include information on how to create a safety plan for individuals and families. This workshop will be presented in both English and Spanish.


Note: This is not an opportunity to get specific legal advice. Please seek that information in a confidential setting from a licensed immigration attorney.


PYM INTERNAL DISCUSSION: Internal discussion with Palestinian student organizations and activism from across the Bay Area — Friday, April 21

PYM Bay Area will dive deep into a closed internal discussion with many Palestinian student activists to discuss processes of movement building. We will discuss topics such as student backlash, zionist oppression and how it relates to Palestinians in the homeland and in the diaspora and political development.


The Palestinian Youth Movement (“PYM”) is a transnational, independent, grassroots movement of young Palestinians in Palestine and in exile worldwide as a result of the ongoing Zionist colonization and occupation of their homeland.


TENANTS RIGHTS WORKSHOP Saturday, April 22; 2-4 p.m.

How much can your landlord legally raise your rent? What constitutes an unlawful eviction? What costs is your landlord legally required to cover? Learn your rights as an East Bay tenant in a workshop with Braz Shabrell of the East Bay Community Law Center.

Plus screenprinting with Zeph Fish!


The East Bay Community Law Center aims to promote justice and build a community that is more healthy, secure, productive and hopeful by providing legal services and policy advocacy that are responsive to the needs of low-income communities.

Zeph Fish ( is a queer visual artist and organizer dedicated to storytelling, the public realm, and the power of real bodies in real space to build cultures of resistance. Their most recent drawings, prints, and interactive installations focus on resilience in the face of personal and collective loss. Zeph has been doing theatrical direct action and art builds for years in collaboration with grassroots groups like Heart of the City Collective (Leslie Dreyer), Anti-Eviction Mapping Project, and the Bay Area Solidarity Action Team. 



Oakland documentarian Ariel Appel will be presenting a series of short documentaries about East Bay displacement and the fight for housing justice that she created for the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project. She will also have further information about the work being done by AEMP and how to get involved.

*Suggested donation of $5-15 to Anti-Eviction Mapping Project starting at 6 PM. NOTAFLOF.


The Anti-Eviction Mapping Project is a data-visualization, data analysis, and storytelling collective documenting the dispossession of San Francisco Bay Area residents in the wake of the Tech Boom 2.0. Through digital maps, oral history work, film, murals, and community events, the project renders connections between the nodes and effects of new entanglements of global capital, real estate, high tech, and political economy. It studies the displacement of people but also of complex social worlds as certain spaces become desirable to such entanglements. Maintaining antiracist and feminist analyses as well as decolonial methodology, the project creates tools and disseminates data that contributes to collective resistance and movement building.


BASIC STREET MEDIC TRAINING — Sundays, April 23, April 30, and May 7

This workshop, taught by Elle Armageddon, will go over basic principles of first aid, focusing on some of the more common injuries/ailments likely to crop up at a demonstration. These will include (but are not limited to) dehydration, low blood sugar, scrapes, minor cuts, sprains, and bruises, as well as police repression tactics. We will also focus on patient evaluation, stabilizing patients with more serious injuries, evacuation of patients, and after-action care, both for patients and for medics. There will be hands-on demonstrations and practice of much of the material covered during this three-week span, and attendants are encouraged not to be late or miss sessions, as information will mostly not be repeated in later sessions. Additionally, we will be discussing some of the psychological and emotional effects of taking on this role, and how they may impact our future involvement.

This workshop will be offered in three hour sessions over the course of three Sundays, on 4/23, 4/30, and 5/7. The first week (4/9) will be an introductory overview, followed by three weeks of instruction, demonstrations, and hands-on practice. Space is limited and different material will be covered each week, with minimal repetition. *THIS WORKSHOP IS INTENDED TO PROVIDE SKILLS AND INFORMATION, NOT CERTIFICATIONS.*

Please note that this workshop is free, and open to people of all experience levels. We will be focusing on beginner-level skills, so those with more experience may not get as much out of this workshop as those with little to no experience. A hat will be passed at the end of each session so that those wanting to compensate the trainer for her time, expertise, and materials may do so. To sign up, please register here.


Elle Armageddon is a Bay Area-born anarchist, activist, and writer. She has several years of experience as a street medic, and enjoys providing care and support to the community around her. When she isn't in the streets, Elle frequently writes security resources for activists, many of which can be found here. 



Juliana Britto Schwartz from will lead a training focused on how to build a successful petition by writing compelling text, choosing the right decision-makers, promoting the campaign, pitching it to press and escalating it as it grows.

On, people everywhere are starting campaigns, mobilizing supporters, and working with decision makers to drive solutions. Every campaign you see on the platform is started by their users. People and organizations around the world use to start campaigns, mobilize supporters, and work with decision makers to drive solutions.


foozool and 8ULENTINA of Club Chai present a workshop that approaches DJ-ing as a mode of storytelling through multiple genres. They will explain how DJ-ing can be used as a political tool to organize and create platforms for marginalized communities and artists who are dismissed by mainstream culture. The workshop will last three hours and will include a section on combining genres and organizing your music in Rekordbox and Virtual DJ; a section on how to mix on CDJs and on DJ controller using Virtual DJ; and a section with time for experimenting, asking questions, trying out Club Chai's own gear, and more. 

Please bring: a usb with a folder of tracks, a notepad, and your laptop if you want (optional: CDs).

This is a women, femme, queer and POC-focused workshop, please consider this before signing up. Sign up for our newsletter for information on how to register. To create the best experience for participants, this workshop will be capped at 15 people.

Club Chai is an Oakland event series and label by DJs/producers foozool & 8ULENTINA. The duo throws a monthly party in Oakland and host a monthly radio show on


In a workshop with Terra Graziani of The Anti-Eviction Mapping Project, participants will learn how the radical tradition of oral history can be used to counter the erasure that happens during evictions and displacements, situating the subject as storyteller. Three undergraduate student groups in a UC Berkeley Critical Studies in Education class will report back on their partnership with The Anti-Eviction Mapping Project. Their work includes interviewing Alameda County community members, mapping displaced residents' relocations, and researching the history of the dislocation of Black residents from San Francisco. 


Terra Graziani is a researcher and tenants rights activist based in Oakland, CA. She currently works at The Center for Social Disparities in Health at UCSF, doing research on the health impacts of the housing crisis. Terra is a core member of the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project and has been involved in documenting the dispossession and resistance of Bay Area communities through participatory research, oral history, data analysis, and video work for the past two years.


HOT FRESH DISSENT — Thursday, May 4; 6 p.m.

Kelsey and Anjelica of Come Find Out will return from a trip to Mexico with "hot fresh dissent" from our austral neighbors. They plan to meet up with zinesters and printmakers while there and come back ready to share stories and new reflections that will give us a peak inot the radical world of zine-making in Mexico. The workshop will also involve making informational comix, zines, and posters. This will be a chance to collaborate, share techniques, and learn.


Kelsey Westphal and Anjelica Colliard are artists and co-editors of the serial zine Come Find Out, in Oakland, California. 

TRANS PASSPORT PHOTOBOOTH — Saturday, May 6; 11-3 p.m.

Double Union, a group of female-identified hackers and makers, will be holding space for trans and genderqueer folks to take passport photos for free and in a safe environment. They will have photographers and legal gender and name changing info packets on-hand. More details to come. To stay updated sign up for our newsletter.


Double Union calls itself a hacker / maker space, because their mission is to create a space where women can feel equally comfortable knitting, coding, drawing, or using power tools and no one feels pressure to prove they belong here. They are creating a culture where women don’t just make awesome stuff - they also ask questions, feel confused sometimes, and break things. To keep the focus on a great space for women (trans, cis, queer, straight, and not-fitting-into-those-labels/other), all members must identify as women in a way that's significant to them.



Oakland artist Oree Originol, the creator of the Justice for our Lives project, will be at Anti Lab teaching people how to wheatpaste. Come print a poster, grab a wheatpaste recipe, and learn the technique.


Oree Originol began primarily as a painter but has since established himself in printing and digital media. In 2012 he joined forces with Bay Area artist, Favianna Rodriguez and her artist network, Culturestrike, and began to get involved in art projects relating to social justice. Since then, Oree has remained dedicated to activism and in 2014 he decided to start the ongoing series “Justice For Our Lives”; a social art project dedicated to promoting justice for people in marginalized communities who have been killed by police.



As part of the Bay Area Doula Project’s socializing salon series, members will be inside Anti Lab creating resistance art with members of the broader community. Join them in making protest prints, signs, posters, patches, and buttons — and get the opportunity to learn more about what they do. Materials will be provided, but please feel free to bring any projects you are currently working on, or have been dreaming of.

The Bay Area Doula Project is committed to increasing access to nonjudgmental, compassionate and empowering doula care to individuals across the full spectrum of their reproductive experiences, with a specific focus on abortion.

Make Your Shit Accessible! intro to accessible event planning — Tuesday, May 9; 7-9 p.m.

At this workshop we will overview some of the basics of accessible event design. We approach this kind of work not a series of boxes to be checked off, but rather as a fundamental re-orienting that centers and supports disabled people. We believe that access is a community responsibility, and we understand intersectional accessibility to be one form of practicing disability justice, a framework and movement build by disabled women + femmes of color. 

This workshop will draw from public accessibility guides such as the Radical Access Mapping Project and SURJ’s accessibility toolkit (, and is additionally based in our own experiences with mixed-ability organizing and event planning. This work is rooted in the principles and framework of disability justice, as developed by Sins Invalid ( and disabled people of color in the Bay Area and beyond. 

Participants will leave with a basic understanding of various considerations and expectations for accessible event planning, as well as with resources on how and where to support the work of disabled people of color in the Bay Area.

Claire Costello & Alli Yates are white queer disabled+chronically ill femmes with a few years of experience in accessible event planning, more years of experience in group facilitation, and many more years of experience in sharing a netflix account and rarely leaving bed. They both care about community trauma work, mutual aid, and events where it’s socially acceptable to nurse heating pads in the corner.



Join us, build with us and unite around issues that affect our families and communities. Featuring music, poetry and moderated dialogue with local activists, performing artists and much more. 

Among other pertinent issues of the day, this event will aim to increase awareness for human rights violations such as the missing Black girls in D.C. through catalyzing both conversation and action. We will also discuss the horrific conditions of the prison system, the importance of knowing our civil/human rights, and we will address many other injustices faced by oppressed people here and abroad.

Presented by The Hijabi Chronicles
Hosted by Anti Lab & Chapter 510


The Hijabi Chronicles is a platform that aims to empower local and international Muslim — and non-Muslim— artists to use expressions that represent their different struggles, journeys, cultures and diversity.

BYOB(ook) — Saturday, May 13; 1-4 p.m.

Hannah and Tara will be “reclaiming attention spans” with “Bring Your Own Book.” They invite people to come hang out and read in community on a Saturday afternoon. They will bring some of their favorite recent articles and books that discuss fascism, Trump, racism, bigotry, organizing, and media dysphoria.


Hannah Rubin is a local poet and artist. They recently curated “Deluge of the Real,” an Adam Curtis film festival at local DIY venue The Hole. They also run Poetry in the Dark, a poetry reading series at Less Space Gallery.


Tara Marsden is an Oakland writer and bookseller. She co-facilitates Community Reading Group, a monthly discussion centering texts on social justice and activism.


Join Anti Lab and our many collaborators for an early evening closing celebration and potluck. Over dinner and drinks, we'll sit together, make toasts, reflect on what we've learned and accomplished, set collective goals, and envision Anti Lab's future incarnations. Alise Anderson and Leah Tumerman will have their "Thoughtful Politics" photobooth installation set up throughout the event:

After eating, we'll print some Anti Lab T-shirts and destroy Sita Bhaumick's piñata installation. 

Those who can, please bring a dish/dessert/beverage to share. ♥