a resource center for creative resistance

Gallery 2301, Oakland

April 6 - May 13, 2017



Anti Lab is an open resource center for creative resistance projects that are anti-fascism, anti-racism, anti-patriarchy, anti-transphobia, anti-xenophobia, anti-capitalism, and anti-complacency. It is a space for assembling, for organizing, for educating, for rallying together IRL, and producing aesthetic reminders of our demands: equality, justice, safety, respect. Keep going. Sustain each other. Resist. 

It will launch at Gallery 2301 (Telegraph and 23rd St., Oakland) on April 6 and live through May 13, 2017. It will be open every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday 11am-8pm (ish). With workshops/events on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, plus Saturday afternoons.

Anti Lab will be outfitted for producing aesthetic forms of resistance, with free stations for sewing banners, xeroxing and printing posters, screen-printing shirts/flags/patches, pressing pins, and assembling personal information packets. Each station is anchored by a replicable example designed by a local artist — complete with templates and instructions. The space features artwork and installations from Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo, Carrie Y.T. Kholi, Sita Bhaumick, Stephanie Syjuco, Terra Graziani, Mollie Underwood, Lizz Carlton, Carissa Potter Carlson, E.M. Wolfman, The Degenderettes, Jessalyn Aaland, Marléna Mendoza, Zeph Fishlyn, Sam Soard, Oree Originol, Jessica Sabogal, Dignidad Rebelde, Angie Wilson, Yerba Mala Collective, Center for Story-Based Strategy, and more.

Anti Lab is also a clubhouse of sorts, where people can have conversations and educate themselves. There will be a small library, space for gathering, coffee/tea, and a full calendar of workshops, art events, and actions. See our bursting event calendar here, with programming from the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project, The Hijabi Chonicles, the East Bay Community Law Center, Club Chai, and many others. To stay updated, sign up for our newsletter below or follow along on Instagram.

Inside the Anti Lab we are all artists, activists, and authors resisting together as an open collective. 

Co-produced by Sarah Burke and Holly Meadows-Smith in memory of Ara Christina Jo. 

Huge thanks to the Awesome Foundation for giving us a grant, to Solstice Press for donating printing services, to Luckyduck Cafe for letting us host a fundraiser in their space, and to E.M. Wolfman for helping us make this happen, and of course to Gallery 2301 for hosting.